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Downloadable Combined Ableton Live DJ and Production Course


Want to know everything about Ableton Live, the worlds most talked about powerful, user-friendly studio quality DJing & production software. Ableton Live's unique loop sequencer provides music producers and DJs with a fresh approach to music production, remix music & perform live. Using powerful studio quality effects, built in drum machines and synthesizers as well as plug in facilities from other software programmes and hardware midi equipment, ableton is fast becoming the production and DJing environment of choice. Available for instant download this combination course Ableton Live course incorporates the perspective of the music producer and the DJ covering everything needed to use Ableton Live in the production environment or on the stage. Download 8000 words in illustrated PDF Manuals and almost an 3 hour 25 minutes of video running you though:


How DJs use Ableton Live


Basic Areas: different ways to integrate Ableton Live with your other DJ equipment and instruments, understanding time codes and musical structure, understanding auto warp and how to over ride it, loading full tracks, loop sequencer tricks, on the fly loop remixing, ALL the different ways you can mix with Ableton Live, mixing with scenes, cutting loops in a wave editor, advantages of using loops files and full tracks, hotkeys, EQing, EQ tricks and more.

Recording & Promoting: recording within ableton, setting up to record mixes using external devices, the basic principles of recording, how to avoid distortion, recording on computers, Using WAV editor software suites, compressing recordings to share, how to promote yourself and begin a career, advice on booking agents, how to set up and promote your own event.

Advanced Areas: how to warp music in ableton manually (all versions before ableton live 8), how to warp tracks in ableton live 8 using its new warping engine, using acapella tracks and other samples to customise your mix, using ableton's instruments in your mixes, music selection, set development, integrating midi controllers & effects units.


How Music Producers use Ableton Live


Basic Areas: Understanding the Ableton Live environment, setting up Ableton Live with your equipment, understanding the structure of music, loading samples into Ableton Live and using audio with midi to produce music.

Intermediate Areas: Creating beats and patterns in Ableton Live using internal drum machines and synthesizers, using audio and midi effects to alter the sound of your channels, constructing tracks in the scene player mode, editing in the arrangement view and rendering your complete track to disk.

Expert Areas: Integrating Ableton Live with other instruments and studio equipment, professional recording using external devices, engineering the sound of your instruments from the defaults, over riding the Ableton Live warp feature to make changes.


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