Beginner DJ? Where do you start?

Beginner DJ? Where do you start?

The most common question to come in so far has to be... how do I start DJing? So here is some advice on how to approach this. Start by thinking about what format you wish to use. Do you want to scratch as well as mix? Do you want to pick up traditional DJ skills using turntables, CD or MP3 devices (most of these DJ skills are transferable between all devices)?

How do you find out about new music, I need some direction to get started?

How do you find out about new music, I need some direction to get started?

There is no easy answer to this question. Unless you plan to mix solely commercial music then you are going to have to do your research, that basically entails listening to more new music so its not so bad! If you already know a producer or label that you like the sound of then you already have a head start!

DJ Manual

DJ Manual Screenshot

A screenshot of a selection of pages from the 32 page Combined DJ Course manual.

Free DJ Lesson - EQ-ing

EQing - Did you know you could mix entirely with your mixers EQ controls?

This video shows how the EQ controls of your DJ mixer can be used to alter the colour of your sounds and even completely change over tracks without touching your faders. The DJ skills courses and Ableton Live course covers specific EQ tricks that you can use to add depth to your mixes.

Free DJ Lesson - Classic DJ Setup

Classic DJ Setup


This Image in available in larger scale as part of the course manual provided with the mixing and full DJ course. Also included are alternative ways to connect your equipment to allow differing creative advantages when mixing. For details of the contents of the full DJ course click here.




Free DJ Lesson - DIY Vinyl Washing Fluid

Vinyl Cleaning FluidYou'll already be aware there are tonnes of products to clean dirt and dust off your vinyl. However you'll also be aware that the older your vinyl gets the more unwanted crackles and pops appear regardless of how much you clean it. Some of this noise is caused by burning of your vinyl by your stylus, however ground in dust and dirt also causes noise.


Free DJ Lesson - Scribble Scratch

The scribble scratch technique

The scribble is one scratch technique out of many that can be easily incorporated into your scratch combinations. The DJ skills courses covers many more scratch techniques as well as information on how you can customise your equipment for improved performance when scratching.

A Music Producer's Advice

Carl Taylor


Carl Taylor has successfully released his own EP's as well as remix's for Laurent Garnier, The Black Dog & Chris Cowie. His tracks have been played by professional DJ's worldwide and have been included in compilations such as Felix Da Housecat's Bugged Out Mix. So it seemed only fitting to have a chat with Carl and find out a little more on how the music industry works for a techno & electro producer. For more information on Carl visit .


Beginner DJ Advice Centre

Beginner DJ Advice CentreSince launching this site a steady stream of emails have been coming in from potential new DJs who want to learn to DJ but are held back by confusing topics. This DJ advice area attempts to stamp out some common misconceptions and provide helpful tips for a beginner DJ. To keep the content of this DJ advice section relevant it will only grow as and when new topics are discussed so if you have any questions then please feel free to email.


learn to mix, scratch and DJ on anything

Free DJ LessonsAs an over confident 15 year old I went to the shops to buy my first set of turntables without even considering the fact that I didn't have any idea of how to DJ! I didn't even know anybody with the DJ skills to teach me. To make it even worse I had already boasted to my friends that I was going to be the next big thing... as you can imagine it took me a long time to learn to DJ. This web site offers information on essential DJ skills available through downloadable multimedia DJ courses. I honestly believe everyone can learn to DJ or develop their skills using our courses, all you have to do is accept it will take time.

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