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Downloadable DJ Mixing Course


Learn to DJ with our DJ Mixing Course, from setting up your DJ gear, integrating effects units, pc's and other devices. To understanding the very foundations upon which music itself is created, this course covers all you need to know to get started or advance your skills. Available for instant download this package includes a 6,000 word illustrated PDF DJ Manual, and 28 minutes of video. Topics include:


  • Various ways to setup, manage audio flow and creative potential
  • Understanding time codes & musical structure
  • Basic principles of mixing
  • Using a BPM counter & its disadvantages
  • Beat matching, lining up breakbeats & tracks without beats
  • EQing tips & tricks (example video here included in the download package along with details of many more EQ tricks)
  • Creative tips for mixing
  • Recording professional sounding mixes on any device
  • Recording on computers (Using the standard Windows XP recording software or professional WAV editor software suites)
  • Compressing recordings to share but maintain quality
  • Promoting yourself for DJ work and your own events


Price: $14.99
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Sample DJ Mixing Lesson