DJ Scratch Course



Downloadable Scratch DJ Course


Learn to scratch, with advice on how to customise turntables to reduce needle jumping and plate drag plus 9 videos detailing scratch techniques and combinations. This DJ scratch course is all you need to get started. Available for instant download this package includes a 3,000 word illustrated PDF DJ Manual, and 23 minutes of video covering an important range of scratch techniques to get you on the road to the world DMC championships. Topics include:

  • Basics of scratching & technique
  • Customising your turntables (looking at drag, weight distribution, reverse weight, scratch needles)
  • Battle records
  • Marking your records
  • Advantages of marking your records

Scratch techniques and combinations (including 9 videos of Baby Scratch, Cutting, Military Scratch, Scribble, Transform, Twiddle, Lasers, Chirp scratch and advanced cutting - see sample video here).


Price: $14.99
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Sample DJ Scratching Lesson